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Getting samples onto your iOS device

You will need a Windows PC or Mac with a WiFi connection and a copy of NanoSync, available from the Download page. All the samples packs on this page are in zip format, so one you have downloaded them you will need to unzip them to a folder of your choice. Transfer the unzipped files to your phone by dragging and dropping them into NanoSync. We recommend copying them to NanoStudio's 'TRG Banks' folder. For help on using NanoSync you can download the PDF manual, also found on the Download page.


Platinum Audiolab Website

Platinum Audiolab have created a very nice range of high quality NanoStudio patches, adapted from both their existing and newly released sound libraries. The pack has got a bunch of stuff represented for NanoStudio's Eden and TRG instruments: dubstep growl and wobble-basses, hip hop drum kits, dance kits, rock kit, synths, orchestral instruments, etc. It's all royalty-free provided you use it within Nanostudio ONLY.

Platinum Audiolab Nanostudio EDEN / TRG-16 Banks - FREE DOWNLOAD


Loopmasters Website

Loopmasters have generously offered NanoStudio users a selection of free samples from their extensive range of professional sample CDs.

Loopmasters samples are usually supplied in a range of 24 bit formats including Wav, Rex2, ACID and Apple Loops as well as multiple patch formats for popular DAWS, including Reason Refills, Stylus RMX, Ableton Live, EXS24, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and Garage Band.

All the loops are already set up as TRG banks so you can use the TRG instrument's 'Import Bank' button to load a bank of up to 16 samples in a single operation. You can also load any sample individually into the TRG or Eden synth:

  • On the TRG, tap the Edit button and then tap the pad you wish to load the sample to. Tap the Load Button.
  • On the Eden synth's oscillator page, change the oscillator type to 'Sample'. Tap the Load button.

Loopmasters samples are completely royalty-free. Unless otherwise stated below, you may use the Loopmasters demo samples provided in combination with other sounds in your music productions freely.

Timo Maas Tech House And Techno Timo Maas Tech House And Techno

Genres: Techno, Minimal House, Artist Series, Tech House, Electro and Tribal House

Timo Maas - Tech House & Techno is a brand new collection of sounds exclusively crafted by Timo and his studio partner Santos which collectively should inspire Producers of House, Techno, Tech House and Electro. ... more >

High Rankin Dubstep Tearout High Rankin Dubstep Tearout

Genres: Breaks, Electro, Artist Series, Bassline, Dub and Dubstep

Dubstep dandy and local bounder, High Rankin is one of the scenes more eccentric artists. His music brims with character and personality that engulfs the listener as well as causing the obvious dance floor riot! He has an excellent moustache and will fight anyone who disagrees. ... more >

Atjazz Deep & Analogue Atjazz Deep & Analogue - 119 samples (almost a quarter of the CD!)

Genres: Broken Beats, Jazz, Soul, Artist Series, Deep House and Downtempo

Martin 'Atjazz' Iveson is in demand across the world: Whether it be renowned producer, sought after remixer, or floor filling DJ, Martin gives his heart to hold the soul. As the Co-founder and head of Mantis Recordings (Rhythm Plate, Brooks), Martin Iverson aka Atjazz has been on the forefront of jazzy UK deep house for ages. Operating from Derby he's been producing a steady supply of Deep House beats mixed with Electric Soul & Downbeat ... more >

* If you use these samples in a commercial recording, you must obtain a licence by purchasing the CD.

Hip Hop Progressions Hip Hop Progressions - 185 samples (almost a quarter of the CD!)

Genres: Broken Beats, Jazz, Soul, Artist Series, Deep House and Downtempo

Hip Hop Progressions is a versatile hip hop production tool, including huge folders of live and programmed drumloops, turntable fx and scratch loops, human beatbox, funky guitar samples, live and synth basslines, hip hop keys, inspiring musical loops, hits, sound fx, drum hits, percussion loops, strings, stabs and much more ... more >

* If you use these samples in a commercial recording, you must obtain a licence by purchasing the CD.

Tribal House Tribal House

Genres: Tribal House, Afrobeat, House, Latin, Percussion, Deep House and Tech House

Tribal House is the latest sample collection for percussion hungry House aficionados looking for the next wave of inspiration to add to mixes requiring the driving sound that has been spreading throughout the best clubs in the world this summer ... more >

Speaker Junk - Bass Heavy House Speaker Junk - Bass Heavy House

Genres: Breaks, Electro, House, Electro House, Artist Series, Bassline and Fidget House

Loopmasters are very proud to bring you Producers out there a very rare and exclusive collection of samples from the current kings of the Dance floor, namely Herve and Trevor Loveys aka Speaker Junk. Fusing the electro mash up sound which has ... more >

Scott Rockenfield Rock Drums Scott Rockenfield Rock Drums

Genres: Drums, Rock, Artist Series and Metal

When talking about the most precise drummers out there, lots of names come up, such as Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Stewart Copeland. Another name that must be thrown into the conversation is Queensryche's Scott Rockenfield. As the man ... more >

Pete Lockett World Percussion Pete Lockett World Percussion

Genres: Drums, Percussion and World

This sample pack is a detailed glimpse into the world of session percussionist Pete Lockett. Pete has laid down grooves for the stars, including Peter Gabriel, Jeff Beck, Bjork, Amy Winehouse, Texas, Robert Plant, Damien Rice, Pet Shop Boys ... more >

Live Lounge Live Lounge

Genres: Downtempo, Electronica, Jazz, Soul, Chillout, Hip-Hop, Funk, RnB and Cinematic

Loopmasters are proud to present 'Live Lounge', an eclectic mix of soulful, blissed out, and acoustic RnB backline studio essentials for producers looking for top class soulful samples to add to their sound library. Vintage beats, Loungin and ... more >

King Roc Deep & Tech House King Roc Deep & Tech House

Genres: House, Techno, Tech House and Deep House

Martin Dawson aka King Roc, has released records on labels from Bugged Out!, Minus and Zero to Azuli, Buzzin' Fly ,Beautycase and Playtime. He's remixed New Order, Future Sound of London, S'Xpress and Stakker. He was nominated by DJ Mag for best UK producer and best artist album 2009 along the likes of Jamie Jones and Scream ... more >

Jungle Ammunition Jungle Ammunition

Genres: Breaks, Drum and Bass and Dubstep

Loopmasters are proud to present Jungle Ammunition, the royalty free sample collection tailored for Darkside Renegade Producers of Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep and Breaks! This pack of dark underground sounds contains elements of the old ... more >

Jamie Anderson Underground Tech House Vol1 Jamie Anderson Underground Tech House Vol1

Genres: Techno, Tech House, House, Artist Series and Minimal House

Loopmasters are very proud to present their latest Artist Series sample collection in association with Jamie Anderson, who has created a unique and inspirational collection of royalty free Tech House samples for producers worldwide. Jamie Anderson ... more >

Groove Tech Groove Tech

Genres: House, Tech House, Disco, Deep House, Electro House, Funky House, Tribal House, Techno, Progressive House and Percussion

Loopmasters and Andy Lee of Barcoda have once again teamed up to create an exciting and inspirational selection of cutting edge samples for House Producers looking for the new sounds from the clubs - welcome to Groove Tech! Groove Tech take ... more >

Faze Action The Nu Sound of Disco Faze Action The Nu Sound of Disco

Genres: House, Disco, Electro House, Funky House, Progressive House, Soul and Funk

Electronic disco stalwarts Faze action aka brothers Robin and Simon Lee have been at the forefront of the re-emergence of Disco, Funk and Soul onto club dancefloors in recent years, providing a sonic backdrop for clubbers looking for ... more >

Dubmatix Automatic Reggae Dubmatix Automatic Reggae

Genres: Dubstep, Artist Series, Dub and Reggae

Loopmasters have teamed up with Dub, Reggae and Roots sensation 'Dubmatix' to bring you a fresh and exciting collection of Roots influenced musical loops and samples, carefully fused with modern technologies for Producers of Dub, ... more >

Doodlebug Jazzy Hip Hop Theory Doodlebug Jazzy Hip Hop Theory

Genres: Breaks, Broken Beats, Downtempo, Electronica, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Artist Series, Soul and Funk

For the first time ever Doodlebug from the legendary Grammy award winning Hip-Hop group Digable Planets is proud to share with you their freshest jazzed out Hip Hop samples from some of the most talented musicians in Philly and New York City, ... more >

Da Lata - Afro Brazil Parade Vol1 Da Lata - Afro Brazil Parade Vol1

Genres: Afrobeat, Broken Beats, Electronica, House, Artist Series, Chillout, Drums, Percussion, World, Deep House, Funk, Tribal House, Disco and Latin

Loopmasters in conjunction with Da Lata are very proud to bring you a fresh and exciting collection of royalty free Brazilian and Latin American infused organic sounds from the studio of Christian Franck. Da Lata are an act which have ... more >

Alien Robot Vox Alien Robot Vox

Genres: Glitch, Vocals, Downtempo, Electronica and FX

Look out - the Aliens are coming!! For Producers looking to emulate the vocoded and robotised sounds that have graced many of the top Dance and Hip Hop tracks of the past 10 years, from the artists such as Daft Punk, The Freestylers, ... more >