Fractal Bits - recommended glitchy random percussion app

Hi All - I've just been playing with "Fractal Bits" as an AUV3 within NS2 and it's a great way to get some glitchy percussive sounds into your tracks for just a few $. It also maps really nicely into the AUV3 instrument interface since there are so few parameters available, and plays really well in there. The xy pads (within NS2) control volume and pitch (he calls it "transpose") which makes it easy to get some movement into a pattern (but be aware that this transposes all sounds).

PS I'm not connected in any way to the dev (Alexander Zolotov), just wanted to share my delight with this discovery.

Also throw it on the end of a random sequencer like Rozeta Rhythm and keep pressing the randomize button on Fractal Bits for some inspiration... Good fun :)

Two comments:
1. I tried to save my kits inside the app and inside the AU, but that didn't seem to work. However saving as a preset within NS2 works really well. The app seems reliable so far within NS2 as well.
2. I had to restart my ipad before the app appeared as an AU to any host, so if it doesn't appear as an option within NS2 (but it has downloaded and you can run it as a standalone) then you may want to restart as well.


  • I love it too. Great sounds, easy use, pretty interface, amazing price. I make Slate kits from the best sounds it comes up with.

  • +1
    I’m building up Slate kits as well as individual hits in folders for kicks, snares, etc.. it helps to enable the three octave pads as the character of each sound can change a lot depending on which octave it’s triggered in.

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