*APPY 1 Year Anniversary NS2! ✌🏼 (7-12)

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Big up Blip, - Matt
@Blip Interactive

Was hoping for a 1 year supprize ... (the day is still young though!) - wink! wink!

This app is sweet!



  • You beat me to it πŸ˜€ But then, it’s not 7-12 where I live yet. Anyway, happy birthday, NS2!

  • We waited so many years for this to come out. Just as excited about Nanostudio today as day one! Feels like my birthday.

  • Cool !! Thanks gor reminder @king !!

    My biggest wish to Matt is constantly growing customer base !

  • Ayyyyeee Matt @Blip Interactive congrats on an incredible app that helped inspire me to leave desktop behind permanently and become a full time iPad Beat Maker! The power of slate and obsidian has also allowed me to create and share powerful sound kits for iPad users migrating from desktop, making their transition much easier! Year one has been great and the iPhone update has been great! Looking forward to the future with this incredible app!

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