Is there a MIDI reverse function?

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Is there a way to take a selection of MIDI notes, say an ascending arpeggio, and reverse it to become a descending series without moving each note manually?

I know I can do this within Auria Pro... but I’d much rather work in NS2. 😉


  • Not at this point, no. It would be fun to have!

  • @Will said:
    Not at this point, no. It would be fun to have!


  • Aw rats! That's disappointing. Matt needs to have a look at the AP 'Process' menu to see what we could use in NS2.

  • Cool, I didn’t even know Auria could do this...are there other apps that have this function??

  • X2 and /2 length or full on midi timestretch would be lovely as well.

  • Yeah, that would be excellent also. /2 used repeatedly would be a really quick way to cut a sustained chord down to single notes to be used as arpeggios. It’s already pretty quick with NS2 with the select all and edit length functions, but it would be faster and more precise.

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