A work around for audio loops and sample slicing (requires Blocs wave and ReSlice)

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Sharing a workflow that is working well for me based off lots of research on forums to find a way I could use audio loops (I have made during my many years with Ableton) inside of NS2.

It's quick and easy and doesn't require messy rendering of samples / loops.

Blocs wave is great for time stretching audio and its quick and easy to load up and jam with hundreds of loops from your sample library but doesn't work as an AUV3 instrument.

ReSlice is good for playing sliced audio as an AUV3 instrument inside of NS2 but doesn't time stretch.

So... jam with Blocs wave in sync with NS2 until you find some looped groove you want to use in NS2
Then in Blocs wave hit the share button (top right)
Select Section Mix
Select your number of bars (eg4)
Hit export
Select Copy from the export dialog box
Goto to your instance of ReSlice inside of NS2
Hit paste.

Boom! your loop is in ReSlice at the project tempo (if Blocs was synced to NS2)

Long press the samples button in ReSlice.
Select a number of slices say 4
Put each slice on the same choke group
Starting from C1 each note will play 1 bar of your loop (assuming you exported 4 bars above)
You can sequence the loop using 4 notes from C1
(NB: you could just use one slice for the whole 4 bars or as many as you like to re-sample... or both!)

There's no time stretching happening in NS2 because it was all taken care of in Blocs wave.

Hope this helps someone!!

This is the best way I have found (for me) to work with audio loops in NS2. If you have other ideas / improvements I'd be keen to hear them.


  • Nice one!

  • Thanks for the workflow description.

    Can't this be achieved by loading the samples on a Slate instance, for example? and maybe load the same sample on different pads and trigger different sections of the loop by customising the offset for each of them?

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