Changing obsidian presets with hardware?

I want to use my digitakt to sequence ns2. I've got it all working but I would like to know if it is possible to change an obsidian preset with my digitakt because I can't figure out how to do it. Using external synths I would use the bank, sub-bank, programme but this doesn't work


  • I don't think there is a way to use program change.
    Have you thought about setting up your Obsidian synth presets on different channels? That way you could at least have a few Obsidians running at one time. You'd need to be able to change the channel the digitakt sends to, of course.

    It looks like the Digitakt can even automate the channel a track sends to (see this video at about 3:50) which is pretty cool - you could really go to town on your drops with this sequencing Obsidian!

  • Yes, the architecture of NS preset library is very different from the bank-sub-bank hierarchy and can not be changed via program change messages. @Trigger_the_Monkey 's suggestion is the way to go at the moment. There have been a few ideas on how to get around this for live performance: either have a "next / previous preset" command or a "favourites list" type of bank open to MIDI program change but we haven't heard anything definite yet. There is hope for something in the future, but for now, MIDI channel switch is the best workaround around.

  • I'm using different channels ATM. I was hoping to use ns2 like a multitimbral synth and wanted to be able to assign different presets to different steps on each channel
    Thanks for your help though. It's much appreciated

  • @gls how about using an AUv3 synth?

    I may not understand your goal completely, but are you trying to program a pattern in the Digitakt so that you change from one synth to the next and then another etc during a pattern? This could give you a complex beat, for example, from one pattern, or an effect like cut-up audio.

    I've done a quick test on Magellan 2 as an AUv3 in NS2, though, and it does seem to accept program change messages. Also Model D AUv3... Could that be an option? Or there might be another AUv3 synth which is better for you?

    I've only tried it with simple program change messages, not familiar with sub-banks etc!

    Might be worth a try? :)

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