Nanostudio & Bassalicious

Bought bassalicious 2, but Nanostudio 2 doesn’t show bassalicious in the external fx list. What to do? Hope someone can give me tips. Thanks!


  • It's not an effect - it's an instrument. You need to load it as an instrument. Create a new track by long-pressing on the + button in the song view, then make a new AUv3 instrument track and you can then assign Bassalicious as the instrument.

  • And if you want the FX from Bassalicious as an AU, iFX Rack is pretty much exactly that.

  • Ow, big thanks! Hadn’t thought of that. I can now open bassalicious and play the app, but it won’t record notes. I have to record notes in an obsidian track and then replace the recorded part to the bassalicious track. Is that the way to go? Or still being silly here? Thanks for helping! 👍

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    Are you playing with the Bassalicious 2 app keyboard or with the NS2 keyboard? NS2 doesn't record MIDI out from AU plugins, so you'll need to use the NS2 keyboard, not the app keyboard.

  • Ah thanks, still learning!

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