Forgive me for being dumb.

If I want to record instruments/hardware synths directly to Nanostudio 2 on iphone is this possible?
I believe it wasn’t at first but can’t tell if it is now before I buy it...


  • Not dumb at all.
    Unfortunately, the answer is "no" ... at least not in the traditional sense that most people think of. There are no audio tracks yet, so you can't just lay down audio into the timeline and arrange it there. You can record into either the drum sampler or the Obsidian synth, and use those to play back audio clips. Some people do that. I won't bother.

    There's another app called MultiTrack Recorder, that you can load into NS2 to play back audio tracks. But you can't record into it in NS2. You need to record into it standalone or in another host, then you can use the audio in it.

    So, I think the answer to your question is "No", but there are what I would call workarounds available. Audio tracks are planned, but no estimated timeframe has been given.

  • That’s possibly the greatest answer to any question I’ve ever had thanks.

    Ok well if it is planned then I may just get it now anyway. Been planning on getting it a while and loved nanostudio 1 so I may as will be ideal when it’s capable of it as well to stop having to get the laptop out everytime I have an idea or even just want to record jamming.
    Pretty sure there’s enough in 2 to keep me entertained until it can do as well!

    Thanks again!

  • Great - I'm glad it was helpful.

    My only suggestion would be to accept NS2 for what it is now so you don't get frustrated if audio tracks don't come for quite some time. The development timeline on this one is slow (but steady and super high quality).

    But, you're right, there is plenty there even without audio tracks. NS2 is a thing of beauty. B)

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    I forgot to mention ... Audio Tracks is expected to be an In-App-Purchase (IAP) ... which is a good thing IMO.

  • Hello number 7,

    You seem to have some more knowledge of the timetable regarding developments of nanostudio. Do you have information of when audiotracks do actually happen? I am a longtime fan of nanostudio, but .... a big bummer is the lack of developper information to the users. This was already the case with the announcing of nanostudio 2. All these release promises and breaking em over and over, a thousand times, really annoying. Made me leave nano for 2 years. Audiotracks were promised many times too. Dates have passed without communication. How can it be that such a well build and great functioning app, is communicating so bad with its fans and users.... mindboggling. Just some old frustrations within my fandom ;-) Hope you have some inside info. Thanks!

  • 37 ;-)

  • No, I have no information at all. The developer no longer makes promises, probably because of people then complaining when those dates are missed.

    That was my point. If you're not satisfied with NS2 as-is then you are using the wrong software. Audio tracks will come when they're ready, and that depends on when the developer is able to complete them to his satisfaction. If it's going to eat away at you, then you should use something else.

    Whether or not you or anyone else is satisfied with the timeline has no bearing on the real-world limits of time and resources. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but I'm sure there are things you're pressured to do by others that you simply can't accomplish to their satisfaction. Maybe it will help if you can see it in that light.

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    Any information I've shared in this thread is just taken from information in other threads. I'm simply summarizing here.

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