Did anybody try or got new iPad Air?



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    ... Unfortunately, NS2 does not record cc data with nearly enough resolution to playback what was entered. Lots of zipper noise and worse on playback. Had to do a lot of redrawing cc data to reproduce the original performance. Painful. But the precise editing tools make it much less so than it would be on other ios daws. Hope you enjoy.


  • Hi @number37 . I used to think that was the reason for the zipper noise. But I have since learned that is not the case. There is a link above that points to another thread containing an archive that demonstrates. It is definitely something within ns2 but it’s with playback, not recording, and it’s related to buffer settings. You are right about it not being affected by device performance. Based on findings by @Cray23 above that hope is gone. I have a new iPad Air 4 coming in a week or 2. I will be evaluating it myself when it comes. Sadly, the hoped for improvements I am looking for no longer include the zipper noise issue. But I am still hopeful for being able to use more auv3 plugins at lower buffers for recording.

  • @boomer model 15 was updated yesterday for better compatibility with 2020 devices not sure if iPad Air was one of them as it has been released just recently but there is definitely improvement, now it runs 7 instances on very low latency instead of 5 on low ( iPad was @44% battery but plugged to charger and all 7 instances had different preset and two of them was playing in poly) not bad, also each track had ns2 compressor and usual default eq and limiter on master. And it was taxing cpu by 62%
    And yes it was worth it to upgrade to A14, you will have a blast using it;)

  • Awesome! Thanks man. Now I just need a usb c interface. Gonna post a new thread on that.

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