Mixing volume for each of Slate's pads

I can't find out how to adjust the volume for each of Slate's pads in the mixer. Is this a missing feature?


  • It's done from Slate itself... click on the "Pad" icon at the left and you'll see Level, Pan, Width etc. Now just tap the pad you want to adjust and have at it!

  • Thanks for clarifying. Would have been easier if it could be adjusted in the mixer thought.

  • @Nanopod, I use multiple instances of Slate for: Kick, Snare, Toms, Hats, etc. this way you can use a track for each and now you have control within the mixer. NS2 runs so efficiently, it's no big deal to do it this way.

  • But off course - that's the way to do it then. Thanks for the great tip, sch 😊

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