metronome out of sync?

hi all, happy new year...!

I have an odd thing happening in a new NS2 project, wonder if anyone can help? I have a kick drum playing dead on every beat ( you can see it in the grid/piano roll) and yet when I put the metronome on as well, they are not at all hitting at the same moment. I have several other tracks recorded along with the drums and according to the piano roll all the notes are on-beat, but of course the metronome doesn't coincide with any of them either.

I played my initial synth tracks and additional Slate tracks in via the ipad screen, and then yesterday I used two different MIDI controllers (Roland KBD and eDrums) to record some more tracks and I had a bizarre & definitely noticeable latency going on, and everything recorded in weird places. It looks like I also had auto-quantise on ( hadn't realised there was a setting for that :# ) so I think that also made it go to weird places. But I've used all this kit before with no trouble, too. I solved the 'mistakes' in the piano roll editor afterwards, but it did make it difficult to play along in time. I think the MIDI data was recording in line with the metronome, but not in line with the other tracks.

Tried duplicating the project, and rebooting ipad and all that. Metronome still noticeably out-of-sync.

Any ideas what is going? Should I be looking into the Latency settings or something? It's not an old iPad (Pro 2018) and it's definitely not overloaded with stuff or other apps running.

Many thanks in advance. I have a screenshot video showing the issue but not sure if I can post it here. Will try and see if I can attach it.

Thanks! NS2 still rocks! :):)


  • Are you using AU effects in the project? Some of them, especially dynamics related – like compressors – introduce quite a bit of delay. I usually notice it with FAC Maxima.

  • @Stiksi genius, thank you!!! Of course it was that. I've recently purchased Fabfilter Pro-L loudness meter and limiter and have been playing with it on the Master channel of everything I previously created. For some reason I also put it on this project that I only just started, with the idea that..., I dunno, probably I have been doing a lot of mixing recently and it just became a habit. Why would I need a Pro-L on a project while I'm still composing it? :p;)

    Anyway, I bypassed all the 'mixing' AUs on the main mix channel and immediately all of my latency troubles disappeared.

    Must remember, mixing and composing are two separate things... they do keep getting overlapped sometimes ....


    what a lovely bunch of people on this forum :)

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