Free Mini MC11 Slate kit (with video)

I made this Mini Kit to give an example of how to build a track, or spice one up with SFX, using only a few samples from Memory Collection 11 - Adventure. The kit has 16 samples from the free demo pack.

In this video, no "regular" instruments are featured (except for my Sidekick Electronic Percussion) and the samples are used as they are, but there are a few examples on my channel where Memory Collection samples are combined with synth sounds and/or mangled in various ways.

In the 2 patterns shown, I am not even using all the 16 samples! The full MC 11 has 1 862 samples that can be further splitted, imagine the possibilities!

Trigger mode for most of the Slate pads is set at One-Shot, don't hesitate to change it to suit your needs.
Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine is processing some of the samples, but not all of them.

Get the kit on this PAGE, in the "Free demo pack" section:

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