Delete factory presets?

The link start/stop addition has me moving fully to NS2. I’m so happy about that! However, the included factory presets are just not my bag at all and I would like to tidy up by removing almost all of them. It seems like this might not be an option. Does anyone know any tricks for removing unwanted factory presets?


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    If you mean Obsidian presets - just use "User" category instead of "All" in patch browser - until you don't visit "Factory" category but just "User", you see just your own user patches :-)

    You don't need take a care about disk space, Obsidian factory presets are almost entirely just synth-bases, just minimal set of samples used, so it doesn't use too much disk space.

    Not possible to completely delete Factory content.

  • Thanks Dendy. I don’t post much but read a lot of threads and you are always so helpful! I was just hoping I could de-clutter rather than save space. More of a personal ocd failing on my part. It’s like an itch I can’t scratch and so want to scratch all the more. Haha. Thanks again.

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