Today Will be Awesome

I was challenged to create a track titled "Today Will Be Awesome." At first I didn't even know where to begin, but then I decided to simply embrace what was to the obvious feeling (to me) and just run with it.

Recorded on the iPhone in NS2 with iSymphonic, SnythMaster One, bs-16i and Mersenne.


  • Awesome indeed!! Lovely happy tune that makes you want to jump/walk, whistle and smile :)

  • @peanut_gallery very positive indeed, this is one of those like don’t worry be happy:D always cheers you up;) great work, and again all sounds polished to last bit and that trumpet solo is epic:D love it

  • @Jeppan74 and @Cray23 Thank you so much! That trumpet is the stock GM trumpet from bs-16i. I was really surprised at how well that worked.

  • @peanut_gallery hmm, will check that bs-16i thingie:) thanks for tip;)

  • Sweet track! That trumpet really steals the show. It is surprising just how well the stock sounds on bs-16i sound. Definitely a good general purpose tool box of instruments that is well worth the price. I wish it was easier to add you own soundfonts in that app though...

  • Thank you @SlapHappy ! I'm finding that iZip is a great way to get soundfonts from the web (or DropBox) into bs-16i. I'm slowly expanding my library of sounds that way.

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