Ephemeral - track made using Obsidian FM only

Since Nanostudio 2 came out with all the flexibility of Obsidian I've been meaning to make a track with only Obsidian FM and internal effects, no AUs or samples or fancy wavetable stuff :)

It's taken me a year to get around to it, but here we go... It's some form of hard and deep techno because @dendy inspired me about a week ago to make some techno with his track.

As I say, it's all FM, all Obsidian. Even the kick, the percussion and the noises. All effects are NS2 internal.

Play it at your own risk! You'll want speakers with some bass, though.


  • @Trigger_the_Monkey nice use of FM, nice and dark mood;) like it

  • @Cray23 said:
    @Trigger_the_Monkey nice use of FM, nice and dark mood;) like it

    Thanks @Cray23! Angst seems to be what I'm made of, probably comes from listening to too much Joy Division and Nick Cave and industrial music when I was younger. I like something with bite - an edge of some sort.

    I admit I was surprised how deep FM can get. I wasn't familiar with it (I still pretty much just change things randomly until I get close to what I want to hear) but it can be really quite powerful. I think there's more FM in my future :)

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