Ray Subject - Slices of Nothing

edited February 2020 in Creations

new stuff... except of ravenscroft 275, fac transient, luxe rest is Obsidian and Nanostudio2 build in FXs


  • Nice buildup! You’ve made ravenscroft sound pretty epic as well 🔥🔥

  • edited February 2020

    @dendy fucking EPIC tune mate, absolutely brilliant that detuning (@3:40) on that lead is gorgeous, it sounds just great;) you are really putting out some great stuff recently;) great work and looking forward for that album. Thanks 🙏

    Listening again and this is sure hit:)

  • Really enjoyed this. The track makes a good case for me to finally jump on the Ravencroft train.

  • Punchy and bright as usual. Nice chord progressions again!

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