Ravenscroft in NS2 glitchiness

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I'm hoping that there are some Ravenscroft users here in the forum. I just purchased it and was trying to record a track with it in NS2. Ravenscroft is my only Auv3 plugin in the project. After some trouble on my old iPhone SE (which usually has no problem at all with a multitude of Auv3 plugins in NS2 all going at once), I switched over to my first gen iPad Pro.

Things generally went a bit better, but I'm still get some glitchy sounds (mostly when using the sustain pedal) and some cut-outs of notes. Does anyone know if there are optimal setting for Ravenscroft when used as a plugin? I can't imagine that my iPad Pro isn't up to the task given that Ravesncroft says it will work as far back as an iPhone 6.



  • Already answered on the Audiobus forum, but this is due to the wonky sustain pedal support in NS2.

  • Yep. Hopefully that gets fixed! I guess it took me trying to play a full and real piano part in NS with a real piano app to discover/hear that.

  • Bah. It's just and due punishment for all you pretentious blokes who can play with two hands and use your foot at the same time. Blip is just doing a service to the community by leveling the playing field. :p

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