Ray Subject | 2 new albums

Ok, it's done, 4 or 5 years of my musical journey compiled to 2 albums. All 100% iPad production.

First one - trance/edm
Complexity of Simplicity

spotify, apple music, itunes, google play, deezer and more:

** There are two tracks which are cooperation with Matt Borstel a.k.a. Blip Interactive (4,7) - both at 50% started by Matt and them rest 50% finished by me **

All tracks made in Nanostudio 2, 80% sounds are from Obsidian, rest is Zeeon, Shockwave, iSEM, Pure Acid. Most of used FX's are NS2 bundled stuff, external FX plugins used : FAC Transient, FAC Chorus, Perforator, LUXE, DAW Casette, Korvpressor, Rozetta Arp, StepPolyArp (they are are my favourite, using most of them literally in every single track i made last year)

Some Obidian patches used in tracks are created from HW synth multisamples, heavy tweaked and modulated in Obsidian (Minibrute, Volca Keys, Volca Bass, Roland SE-02x, Microfreak, Neutron, Monostation)

All tracks were exported to 4 groups (kick, bass, drums and synths) and then i made final stem mastering on desktop in Logic X.

Second one - chillout/downtempo/breaks
Chill, Clouds & Stuff

spotify, apple music, itunes, google play, deezer and more:

Except of last two tracks (which are remixes of my tracks made by other guys) all songs are made in NS1 and NS2, in this case less external plugins used, it's really mostly just NS1 and NS2 job.

Mastering here was just on final mixdowns, because at least for half of those tracks i lost project files and i have just final WAV mixdowns :))) Remixes were mastered by their authors, so i didn't modified them in any way.

Btw. here is kind of "label" where i added also one my older release, to have it all together at one place:


  • @dendy YES it’s here!;) added to my 🍏 library, will buy it tomorrow as payday is coming ;) just listening 1st one, pumping as hell;) very clear master. Will be back to comment on more tunes. I’m bit interested how it went with distrokid as I heard about it and thought I’ll use them in future. Anyway I’m going to share this and keep listening;)🎧 awesome work

  • Congratulations! Time for a virtual release party ;)

  • These are awesome!

  • edited February 2020

    I’m bit interested how it went with distrokid

    very smooth ! It's cool service, everything is easy and straightforward, i'm very satisfied !

  • @dendy nice to hear that, btw just got first album on iTunes and I have listened it twice already and it’s proper quality production, soo soo soo clean mix I need to work on my mixes:D today I’ll listen chill out album and need to check my finances but I’ll get it too.
    Also I forgot to say Congratulations on double release;) have great day;)

  • Congrats on the double release! Will need to spend some quality time with these.

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