Juliana Will Fix Everything

After Model D went free I was inspired to go back to trawl through the presets again (was a day 1 purchase for me). Got a groove going with a fat analog bass sound and built up this track around it. Other Auv3 plugin synths include SynthMaster Player, SynthMaster One and Pure Acid.


  • I like the combination of the very analogue and the very digital, there's a cool balance there!

  • @peanut_gallery wow, another positive vibe filled tune;) great melody progression, did like that little detail when that (I think pure acid) acid sound just buzzed at 1:17:)
    Like that picture too, is that your work too?
    Great work!

  • Thank you @Stiksi and @Cray23! So that buzzed sound at 1:17 is a 303 patch from SynthMaster Player. I used Pure Acid for the melody and and SMP for the right channel buzzy 303.

    And no, that picture is not my work...Just something I found on Google when searching for sci-fi mechanic.

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