PlayList on Youtube of my Nanostudio music

With Nanostudio 2 I have now gotten into creating music regularly. I really like ns2. I hope to get better at creating music so try to keep motivated to do it a lot. I have been remixing retro game songs from the 90's(Amiga mostly)

I bought every ns2 inapp and have been trying to get my head around Obsidian. Not really figured out how to make those cool distorted guitars yet! There was a tutorial on youtube with a really nice distorted guitar but did not really show how to make it.

Yesterday I actually had to use my 2nd ipad for I had used up the entire battery of the other one. My current song I am using a song by Elton John as a example(Saterday) This one is not on the playlist yet.

I was aiming to create a song every day but have been doing more like one a week this year.


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    @Pakz you nailed it with that retro sound, never owed Amiga but my mate had it, I think it was Amiga 500 and we spend lots of time with it and I remember that we loved those game soundtracks. I loved chaos engine, probably only game I remember and James pond robocod:DDD ohh some memories came back:DDD
    To that distorted guitar sound, I get best results with use of auv3 Stark or Crunck v2 (it turns almost any plucked sound into distorted guitar) or audio damage grind is good but you could achieve great distorted guitar sound with ns2 stock fx, it’s just instant with above mentioned plugs;)

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