Final version of my “Quarantune” #2. “Kitchen Jungle Boogie” in NS2

Hello! This is my second ever composition/production. I dub these: “Quarantunes.”
But the song title is “Kitchen Jungle Boogie” because the vast majority of the sounds were recorded from my kitchen: pots, pans, doors, microwave, sink, glass bowls, ceramic bowls, metal bowls, potato brush (shaker), water, tea, soda, and even my roommate background noise, and the doggy snores... I sampled them then processed and manipulated to yield musical, textural, rhythmic sounds. I used Brusfri on the iPad to denoise. Then, I used CakeWalk at first to organize all the clips on their tracks, cut and paste into individual tracks, and exported lots of tiny little files into my iCloud, then uploaded into NS2`s Library’s audio folder, and turned into a Slate Drumkit! WOohoo!

As part of the online course project we were to create synths to use in the music production from scratch (init patch). I made a bass sound, a choir sound, and a pad sound—-it’s hard at first, but you can get inspiration from the presets available. I used them in the production too.

Well, here’s my Quarantune#2. “Kitchen Jungle Boogie” a kind of tribal with a dash of DnB.


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