Drambo sequencing Obsidian?

I'm having trouble getting Drambo to work as a sequencer for Obsidian. Unlike the other sequencer-like apps (Rozeta, Thesys, etc), I can't load Drambo as an actual MIDI effect. I've tried loading "Drambo MFx" as an Audio effect, but can't get that to work as a sequencer for Obsidian. Any ideas?


  • looks like this is problem at NS side... if Plugin registers both audio and midi streams, NS adds it primary to AUdio plugins slot, not to MIDI plugins slot. In Audio plugins slot, the "mfx" instabce receives midi but do not sends it to instrument...

    AUmidi fx implementation needs some tweaks :-)

  • Thanks dendy. I noticed in Cubasis and Beatmaker I can't get it to work either to sequence synths in side those apps. It does work in AUM, as shown in this video, but looks like AUM allows you to route the MIDI out from Drambo's audio effect. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmLSEBVECG

  • You can, of course, host Drambo in AUM and then point AUM/Drambo at NanoStudio/Obsidian.

  • Hi @dendy, can you confirm that this is indeed a problem with NS? Just checking if I should bother Giku or wait for a fix ;)

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