Is This How It Ends?

. Story about social distancing and isolation. All Obsidian, all the time (almost). 24 tracks Obsidian and 1 track Synthmaster player because I was too lazy to recreate in Obsidian. iPad generation 6 with 32G ram. External controllers Akai LPK25 and EWI USB. 100% NS2 from inception to final mix. Obsidian is hands down one of the best iOS synths for wind controllers when driven in real time. Fast clean response and no zipper noise. And the very fine midi control of all parameters allows for great nuance from breath and bite. Unfortunately, NS2 does not record cc data with nearly enough resolution to playback what was entered. Lots of zipper noise and worse on playback. Had to do a lot of redrawing cc data to reproduce the original performance. Painful. But the precise editing tools make it much less so than it would be on other ios daws. Hope you enjoy.


  • woooow, this is something ... you're TRUE musician not just know twiddler and pattern generator like me :) This is really true deep emotional music .. :O :O :O A wonderful story, it took me on a journey...

  • Thanks man. Appreciate it.

  • Wow. Just amazing! Thanks, I really enjoyed that. B)

  • That was great. Lots of great chords and melodies along with some lovely sounds. Clever stuff!

  • I liked that a lot! I had to listen again with headphones. It brought to mind Ray Lynch to me. Thanks for sharing!

  • Awesome 👌👌👌

  • @rtkeeling said:
    I liked that a lot! I had to listen again with headphones. It brought to mind Ray Lynch to me. Thanks for sharing!

    I had never heard of Ray Lynch. Thanks for turning me on to him! Love it - my kind of music. Kind of new age neo classical. Gonna keep listening.

  • Glad you like him. His Deep Breakfast was one of the first CD's I ever bought back in the late Eighties. Another was David Lanz and Paul Speer's Natural States. You might like it too. To bring this back on-topic some, I think Deep Breakfast could have been produced in NS2. Natural States has more obvious acoustic instruments in it, so that one may have needed to wait for audio tracks. iOS-type devices were pure science fiction back then though...

  • @boomer excellent Story telling track! Loved when later on in track it goes sort of up and down with mood/feel and that nice touch at the very end when all hyped out and then that silence drop just with one sound;) really nice and again different from anything I heard from ns2 community. To that cc recording resolution, wouldn’t turning off automatic quantisation in sequencer when recording fix it? Although you would maybe need to correct timing on notes later on (that is if you miss timing on some) I’m not entirely sure if quantising works on automation when recording or just notes tho but maybe something worth of try;) big ups!

  • Thanks @Cray23. Appreciate the compliment.
    Auto quantize does seem to work on cc data in NS, a cool feature actually, but alas it was turned off. Can’t really quantize a wind driver performance. There is a separate discussion about the resolution issue in another topic. I personally would take high resolution midi recording over audio tracks as the next improvement. I would pay to offer solution input if it came to pass. But most application development understandably caters to keyboard players. It’s been the bane of my musical existence since the WX7 came out in the 80’s. Anyway thanks for the suggestion and again for the compliment.

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