Boomer - Van’s Idea

A musical journey.
100% nanostudio/obsidian/slate. One external plugin used - Rozeta Arpegio. I hope you enjoy.


  • edited July 2020

    @boomer WOW, bloody hell that was great! I did enjoy every second of this, you definitely made it very dynamic, when that arp kick in at 3:30 nice! But that Last Pad Sound really made impact on me:) I know it is fairly long but after that sound I was expecting even more:D big up! Sort of Story telling through sounds or better - an opera done in ns2 hats down.

  • @boomer btw really cool picture to go with it, fits exactly to that track;)

  • Thanks @Cray23. Wish I could take credit for the pic. Got it off pixabay. Another creator creating for free - just like the rest of us. Oh well, such is art.

  • That really was a nice journey. Love the transition at 5.50 👌🏼

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