bobheads - Sorry Pepsi (draft)

last thing from me today - just for variety, a funky jazzy thing I have started. The title comes from my daughter singing a made-up melody while playing minecraft (long story) :-D

My questions for the community : in headphones this sounds great (to me), but on PC speakers the balances are all wrong (especially the lead synth gets lost). How to fix? Maybe me using the preset Born Leader was too lazy (but the sound is just right!), and I probably need to EQ everything and learn more about mixing. But my first attempts at this usually mess things up, balance-wise..... Also see my other post/question about mixing single instances of Slate on one Drum track - I probably need to split out those different drums into separate processable tracks?

Any feedback gratefully received. Have a happy Sunday everyone. Here in Berlin it is hot and rainy! Hope that you are all coping with the world-wide-pandemic-madness in your own way :-)


  • bobheads


  • Nice track, very catchy.

    Again, I would say the Bass, which is great, is a little loud for me, Especially the stabby brighter part. Using the same ideas (volume/sidechain compression) as I mentioned on your first track should remedy some of the problems The lead sounds clear to me and may stand out a little more after addressing the bass levels.


  • @LeeB Thanks a lot! I've listened with other headphones now and you are totally right, the bass is too present. I think that my mixing headphones, which I bought specifically with a flat response for mixing, maybe these need the pre-amp of my audio interface in order to fully represent the sound... and of course I often work on the sofa with these headphones plugged directly into the iPad (with no audio interface involved) - I have a suspicion that plugging in this way doesn't give the headphones enough pre-amp power and therefore I lose bass in them, and have to turn up the bass in the mix while working on it. It's just a theory but I will look into it!
    I will also look into the sidechain stuff - I'm a beginner mixer but I understand the concept and have figured out the logistics of it in the apps - I just need to "learn by doing" for finding the best settings for things ( ratio/attack etc)
    And of course it looks like I will need to separate out all my individual drum sounds into different tracks - not my workflow really ( I tap like a finger drummer all into one kit on Slate) - but for mixing this is looking more and more necessary. Maybe I will discover a good workaround/workflow that allows both splitting across tracks and playing like a finger drummer into one drumkit.... ;-)


  • Loved this one! The organ chords fit perfectly!! My kind of sound!

  • thanks @Jeppan74 ! no organ sound here, but a clean basic EP sound, playing organ-like riffs I guess ;)
    My usual go-to is NeoSoulKeys (my god, what a beast, for a piano player with jazz background such as me it is probably my favourite app in the world) but sometimes (as in this case) the quick and easy choice is to throw in a preset from Nanostudio and get to work on the music itself :)
    - just checked - it is EPComboAlt from the Free Launch soundPack. On my mixer it also has a * after the name - does that mean I tweaked the settings maybe? Can't remember! =)

    thanks for the listen

  • @bobheads I like this track, yep that EP sounds nice. Now I cannot still say much on dynamics as I have no headphones with me again but on my iPhone speaker it sounds nice, nice chill vibe;) will be listening later on when I get home eventually on proper set of speakers;) and when I arrive at work( I got nice speaker there I use to monitor my stuff just to get idea how it sound across multiple speakers)

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