Road Trip - Boomer

Cruising down the highway in a convertible with the top down. Some COVID escapism. Hope you enjoy.

100% out-of-the-box NS2/Obsidian/Slate. Not even any external plugins.


  • @boomer this is pretty expressive piece! And that climax towards the end;) nice! Great work!

  • Thanks @Cray23 . Ya know I think this is the first time I have put out 2 pieces where you didn’t do 2 or 3 in between 😀

  • Very nice, getting a bit genesis vibe here, the old stuff. Enjoyable! B)

  • @AceRimmer said:
    Very nice, getting a bit genesis vibe here, the old stuff. Enjoyable! B)

    my thoughts too, very nice! I love your choice of lead sounds. If I were to have a wish, I would love to hear the toms quite a lot louder and crisper in the mix at the end section (from 5:26) - more upfront, as they have a really nice propelling feeling. I can also imagine adding some stonking early Genesis-style drumming fills, à la young Phil Collins, to really drive thing forwards through certain transitions etc. But not a criticism at all! Just what my ears and brain wants to add in while I listen... those early-mid 70s Genesis albums (which I love) have some of the most amazing drumming (not just technique but stylistic and musical choices). I might also EQ and/or volume-reduce (possibly also reverb-reduce?) the big big main lead synth too, (but it's nice to have it upfront) - just a bit though, so I could hear all the other lovely stuff that's going on behind it a bit more.
    (But I'm absolutely no expert on mixing, just a newbie trying to train my listening skills. And I was on headphones from the mac so that is no expert opinion right there :) )

    Looking forward to the next one! :+1:

  • @bobheads I can’t thank you enough for your comments. I was not intentionally going for Genesis but I am a child of the 70’s. I think you and @AceRimmer are right in that I may have been sub consciously doing that. It is not possible for any of us to not be influenced by what we have heard before. Our systems naturally digest, internalize and transform what we like - we can’t help it! The trick is knowing when you are doing it. I desperately need more help on mixing comments like yours. Everything you mention I struggled with. Especially the drumming. I am not a drummer and need all the help I can get. I am going to go back and listen to some old Genesis and may even play with re-recording/remixing Some of this based on your comments. Thanks again!

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    I always admire when somebody makes track which sounds like it is a MUCH longer than it really is .. and not because it is boring but actually because there is soo much ideas and detail to listen and enjoy, that i get feeling like i'm listening whole album :) Good job !!

  • @boomer I think you are underestimating your abilities by saying you're not a drummer. It's clear from your compositions that you have a high sense of musicality and stylistic ability, and I reckon if you go and listen to some of those records with your ears paying attention to only the drums above all else, that you'll pick up a load of ideas and be able to bring that energy into your own drum tracks :+1:
    At least I hope so, cos that's what I do ;)B)

  • Thanks all. Great forum. Learning a lot here.

  • @boomer said:
    Thanks all. Great forum. Learning a lot here.

    me too! PS I sent you a message about drumming, through the PM for this forum. :+1:

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