New pensive track using new toys: AddStation, Yukawa, Mela Synth

This is probably the most minimalist track I've done. Recorded in NS2 and using the new apps AddStation and Yukawa and new for me Mela Synth. Rounding out the Auv3 apps are Fractal Bits, SynthMaster One and ShockWave synth.


  • @peanut_gallery ohh I love it! This is superb! 👏👏👏

  • very nice! I'm all for a bit of minimalism myself :)

  • in case i'm allowed to put a bit criticism;-) - that closed hihat is ticking too much .. rest of track is nice beautiful evolving and smoot and that closed hat sounds too much "static" to me .. i would add some groove quantisation to it and play a bit with velocities (let's say ever 1/4 a bit quieter, and so on)

    rest is great, like it a lot !

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    @dendy I'm always looking for ways to make my closed hi-hat parts better. I'd already quantized the 1/4 notes with 9% swing....Is that probably too subtle? What would be a better way? And agreed that I could probably do more with the velocities....I played them in via keyboard, but I think my playing put most of them at top volume (at least with the velocity curves on my MIDI keyboard). It would be great if there was a feature for velocity randomization within certain parameters.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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    if you edit velocities and add some hidden "pattern" into them, it will not sound so "same" but more dynamic.. by playing with velocity (mapped to volume) you can introduce pretty interesting grooves - it's super easy to create various velocity patterns in NS using velocity editor... very cool is left drag handle which moves selection in relative values instead of absolute - try first change few values manually, then select them and play with left handle - you will see how they are changing...

    like here, basic 16th hihats loops with applied 30% 1/16 note staet quantisation

    and here same loop with applied quant. but alao manually edited velocities (screen bellow)

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