Issue using moog model d on multiple tracks

Hi everyone,

Just started using nanostudio 2 this evening and it looks amazing, however I’m having an issue when trying to use the moog model d app on more than one track on a project. I have no issue on the first track I use it on but if I try to use it on a second one the sound of all the tracks becomes all fuzzy and distorted. I'm using nanostudio on an iphone 7s with the latest update. As I said I'm brand new to this so not sure if it is a bug or something I'm doing wrong as a newbie. Any help would be appreciated.



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    That’s most likely because the Model D is a huge resource hog. That sound quality and fidelity comes at a price. You can try switching to a larger buffer (Settings -> Buffer Latency -> High) and of course, killing all other apps than NS and switching into Airplane mode. But it might be that a 7s just can’t run two Model Ds, I don’t know.

    You can get quite a few Obsidians, though, it’s very light on the processor. So if you want, you can sample the Model D, load the samples into Obsidian and you have a very economic version of it.

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    I can run 3 instances of Model D (default patch) if i set bugger size to "high" on my iPhone7PLUS .. this is normal.. Model D is not much optimised, it eats really a lot of CPU .. On iPad MINI5 i can run 6 instances ...

    worst thing on Model D is that it is eating basically same amount of CPU even if it is not playing anything, just sitting in project. Dev of Model D did very sloppy job in optimisation area ..

  • @dendy @stiksi I did not know that! That explains a lot for one of my projects, which uses instances of Model D - thanks for the workaround ideas ! :+1:

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