Jinx Padlock returns...

Greetings to you Nano people,

Sorry guys, this has been a bit of a weird year, as i'm sure most of you know. Tragic, lunatic madness.
I came in all bells and whistles, thinking this was the ripe time to create, but the more imposing the threat of global chemical/biological destruction rocked even my apocalyptic mind.

I did release an album and a single, doesn't seem enough given the amount of spare time i've had, but the frustrating circumstances surrounding all of our lives has been less than creative, from my point of view.

I've got a couple of tunes to play you - both are weird zombie files, born in NS1, warped and expanded in NS2 and pumped to fuck in the mastering and mixing world of Logic.

I'm finding releasing fresh out of NS2 a bit embarrassing, to be perfectly honest, its such a mental playground that i quickly get lost into all the rabbit holes available. I am only able to let things go once i'm out of the iPad void. Maybe this was the natural end to being prolific, maybe i'm just too old to grab that vibe, maybe thats just shit and i need to just make some banging tunes.

I hope that all of you are well and safe. I hope that you all find yourselves in love or at least in peace.
And I hope to make the world a louder place, bang follows bang...

My bandmates JespersPadlockedPants have accused me of writing cheques i cannot cash, so no more promises (apart from the future Xmas Number 1, of course)

Do you want some tunes? ? ?

Let me be the mad old hippy on the hill that i always aspired to be, then -

Let's Build a Henge is one of my earliest iPad tunes, its been through everything, iPhone, iPad, Nano1, Nano2, resampled, remixed - I'm going to release it to get it out of my system, and this really does represent its journey. Every single noise here is programmed on an iPad, manipulated through the playground of iOS and spat out in the fashion it was alway meant to be. It ended up being a 97 track Logic mix, but all sources were Nano1 and Nano2 exports.
I think everyone should try to build a henge of their own at some point, its not as easy as it looks...

And next -

Glimmer was a fairly late tune in JP 1.0 - having been around the block in Nano1, I wanted to make something with both space and bang. It's "simplicity" relied on a load of mental iPad effects and resampling, resulting in something of a striped back and spacey feel. Again, it's exported from NS1, recut in NS2 and gone through a hell of a lot of precessing - i feel the restraint, and I feel the spin it allows - although not a direct sample, the close association with the Superman Soundtrack (Fortress of Solitude) was a fun thing to play with. A little like some fun projects that me and Julianna toyed with, this will be a fully fledged song at some point, just rebuild the lego...

iOS is now, finally, being regarded as a professional tool for audio, but a few of us knew it always was. The stereo funfair here is all automated in Nano2 and the overall compression is a lightyear from its earlier outing - its now become a song and has its own release schedule. I've got more work to do....

I hope you are all well, safe, sane and making the most of this, the most ridiculous time of our generation. Please keep the conversation going, please keep making noise and please keep it Nano.
You guys rock.

More soon, I promise



  • @Jinx_Padlock Let's Build a Henge is fucking EPIC! Awesome process it went through:D never worked on anything for that long:D absolutely digging it!
    Yeah I’ll try to build some henge with sort of similar processes you mentioned, I suppose to let it mature, like cheddar;) cool idea! I might even log it:D
    Have a great day sir!
    Peace ✌️

  • Good to see you back here @Jinx_Padlock ! It took me 3-4 months after the March craziness started this year to even think about doing something creative. Slowly getting back to it. Loving the tracks. Looking forward to hearing more!

  • So good to see you again friend <3

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