Bass808 Will Not Load

I can’t get Bass808 by Audio Kit to load as an Auv3 inside Ns2. Anyone else having this problem? Bass808 works perfectly inside of AUM so I’m not sure which side the problem is on. Any feedback is appreciated.


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    I can only say that Audiokit apps in general have had issues with NS, but I have no experience with this one. You can try turning the device off and on again and reinstalling the plugin just to be sure.

    Edit: bought it out of curiosity and it loads fine for me. Definitely try some troubleshooting, it might start working fine.

  • Thanks for the response. I saw your reply to someone else in the AB thread. Im also on ios 13 but definitely not going to update just for that app. I am curious though if this is an issue on NS2 side or Audiokit. Guess it doesnt matter much either way.

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