Recording Reverb Tails?

Could anyone advise a workaround to record reverb tails so they can be reversed for transitions it’s foxed me. Many thanks


  • The quickest way I’ve found is to insert an instance of Multitrack auv3 effect by 4Pockets after your reverb effect, set your track’s loop markers so as to be able to play your sound plus the full length of the reverb tail. Set Multitrack to “host sync” and record, then hit play in NS2. Multitrack will automatically start recording when you set NS2 to play, & once the loop’s end marker is reached Multitrack will automatically stop recording. Then in Multitrack’s track lane, highlight the newly recorded clip, select Edit Sample->Reverse. You can now - if you wish - move the (now reversed) clip to the correct position in Multitrack’s track lane, set any relevant fade in and fade out markers! Job done!

    After recording though I normally just export the clip for either further editing and/or loading into Obsidian or Slate or into any other sample playback auv3. I then remove the original track from NS2 completely (to save cpu). You could though just leave Multitrack there if you so wish - no need to load the recording into a sampler if you don’t wish to.

    Alternatively if you have Virsyn’s AudioLayer auv3 you can substitute that for Multitrack in the above process - the benefit of that is you can create an AudioLayer preset with your recorded (and reversed/edited) sample at the same time. That said, I like Multitrack’s automatic punch-in punch-out recording though personally. It depends on what I wish to achieve at the time as to which auv3 I’ll use. Whatever is quickest workflow wise.

    Hope that helps?

  • TA that is sooooo helpful and really appreciate your detailed reaponse. Right to the NS2 cave to experiment. 🙏👍

  • Usually I just solo the track(s) and do a quick mixdown. Then I just use it like any sample.

  • @Stiksi said:
    Usually I just solo the track(s) and do a quick mixdown. Then I just use it like any sample.

    I'm going to try that as well Stiksi. I've learned so much from guys here on the NS2 forum about production and still not scratched what NS2 can do. Loving my journey and creating thank you everyone here.

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