Mixdown help needed when using Waldorf Nave, and the NS external midi control

Hi guys

First, happy new year. Can you possibly help, I’ve got a NanoStudio 2 project finished on my iPad, and ready for mixdown. One of my tracks is using ‘External MIDI’ which is connected to another soft synth that is outside NanoStudio (but on the iPad) it’s an oldie but goody, ‘Waldorf Nave’. The track plays fine but when I mixdown the track, the ‘External Midi’ track is not included?

What do I need to do to get this sorted. I suspect I am just not looking at it correctly. I’ve tried to get the audio output on Nave back into NanoStudio 2 but no luck. I have ‘AUM’ so maybe I need to be using that?

Thank you.


  • No one at all? How do you mixdown your project when using external software synths?

  • Well, Nanostudio does an internal mixdown and you have an external synth. Despite your hearing both audio sources at the same time from the audio output, Nave is not playing through NS. The external MIDI instrument is, as the name suggests, a MIDI device without an audio input.

    You would need to record the external synth separately or route both audio sources into a third app.

  • @davlinste what I can suggest is to screen record ( it helped me to mixdown track with dodgy AUv3 which failed to MD) whole tune and then separate video but then recording synth right into ns2 as Stiksi suggested seems to be more appropriate way to do it

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