Jinx Padlock Demos

Some new works

All demos for two forthcoming releases - all noise conducted in NS2

Hope you are all safe and well



  • @Jinx_Padlock definitely diggin that Let’s build a Henge and Must try harder, make sure you drop a line when it hits streaming services;)

  • Thanks Cray - the plan is to get a Henge EP out for Summer, whilst working on a new album. Theres a widescreen Techno EP in the works. Anything can happen at this point! Just getting everything demo ready and then have a massive mix off!
    and now theres this...

  • edited January 2021

    @Jinx_Padlock yeah equinox is great;) fingers crossed for that plan, looking forward for that EP;) btw I really appreciate your sound design timbres!

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