Nanostudio 2 manual pdf

Hi guys,
is there a Nanostudio 2 pdf manual? I would like to print it out.

Thanks in advance


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    Good question, All I’ve seen is this:

    But it’s not pdf. Any suggestions @dendy ?

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    CAUTION!. The “instruments part” is missing and can be found a few posts bellow.

    Made using the online version and an online pdf combiner site so, don’t expect hotlinking chapters and sections but it is something anyway. 😜

  • Hey Zupi,

    Thank you!
    I tried the exact same but it did only include the first site. Since I am about to print this, I can‘t use hotlinks anyway 😉. So it‘s fine.

    Happy composing
    and thanks again
    Glenn Frey

  • To be honest it wasn’t as simple as i described it and left the details out because would be quite tedious not only to do it but also to read about it as well, with all the hurdles iOS brings along the process. 😅

    Glad it helped. 😉

  • I can imagine that. Thanks I printed it out today.

  • 😱 Quite possibly you got the first ever printed NS2 manual in the world! 😄

  • Yeaaaahhh 😂

  • @Zupi said:
    😱 Quite possibly you got the first ever printed NS2 manual in the world! 😄

    With a very handsome binding no less! :cookie:

  • That actually was hard to do. I used a Dremel to drill holes and then stitched the left side with thick leather thread, then black tape. The hard part was to get a straight other site of the book so you can decently go through it with your thumb. I only had a cutting knife and no real cutter. This is a pain in the a** I can say. But it is decent enough. ;)

  • Interesting, but did you notice that the pages describing the instruments are missing?

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    Noooooooooooooo (camera showing a house - moving back - pigeons flying away) 😂
    Why is that?

  • Well, that was really sad. Entirely my mistake because although the instruments were hot linked to other parts, I was under the impression they were at the same (web)page as the effect section was. Really sorry man, considering the amount of artwork you’ve put in there.
    Unfortunately at the moment, I can’t see other action being taken than considering that a “Nanostudio 2 manual Limited Edition” or just “Veteran”, presuming you are an advanced user, and promise to compile a complete one soon, and luckily before audio tracks get a release.

  • Hey Zupi. No problem. I will print just the Instrument part and see it as a small edition to the main one and carry both around. After the big update, I will print the new one anyway. Thanks for your work you put in there. 😊

  • Can you give me a hint by the way how to convert the manual page into a pdf with hyperlinks? (Is that the name?)

  • Here is the missing part. user manual (instruments).pdf?dl=0
    If you want to go about the whole process, what I do is, I open every link of the online manual one by one on iPad, press the share button and open in books. This add a pdf copy of the webpage to the books library that I rename for later convenience. Once all pages saved to Books I open them one at a time and save them again to a folder using files. I rename them again, because the books doesn’t keep the previous file name and I upload them one at a time again to an online pdf converter site.

    Not that hard but quite tedious.

  • Hey thank you so much =)=)=)

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