COVID Cello Project - Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

You all need to listen to this for 2 reasons. First is this piece is one of the crowning achievements of western civilization. If you don’t cry I have to question your humanity. Just my opinion. Second is this: If it’s real, the technical achievement is beyond amazing.


  • This is definitely real. The organizer writes the arrangements for 6 or 7 cello parts. He posts the sheet music and we choose which part we want to play. He also posts a recording he has made of the piece that we play along with. The recording begins with three counted off claps as our own clapboard. We listen to and play along with the recording while recording ourselves on another device. Our individual videos are uploaded to the organizer in Austin Texas. He separates the video and audio, mixes the audio, edits the video and then assembles the whole thing. The current project, #13 to be posted soon, is a 1970s jazz piece called The Saga of Harrison Crabtree. 532 CELLISTS. ENJOY

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