Help - failed to load project - bank file missing

Hi all, I have a piece of music put together using NS1 however when I try to access the file I am now getting this error message: FAILED TO LOAD PROJECT - error is BANK FILE MISSING. I have approx 500mb of available storage left on my iPad, is there a way to re-gain access to the file? Hoping you can help?
Thank you


  • Just to be clear, this is a project file with a .prj (….if I remember correctly) extension? Or did you export the project, which would have a .nsp extension? Did you create it on the iPad (iOS 10 or earlier?) and on the same iPad are trying to open that project file? Have you tried to open the project file on a laptop (with PC or Mac version of NS1)? Have you recently moved the projects location…? I’m trying to het my head around what you did/are trying to do, while simultaneously fighting through my brain’s cobwebs and rust to remember some of the quirks of NS1. It’s been quite a while since I used it.

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