Where have you been all my life?

Hello everyone, new NS2 user here. I got it because I was looking for an ios sequencer that supported tempo and time signature changes, and NS2 seems to be the only option out there with those capabilities. Having used it for a few weeks now, I think it's a very clean and well-thought-out DAW. It's very intuitive and I figured out many of them features right away. Obsidian and Slate are great instruments that would be worthy of a release on their own. I'm a mostly hardware and modular user, and the external midi sequencing capability is stable and solid. I really couldn't all for now.

It's unfortunate that NS2 development seems to have gone dormant. But while it's still alive and kicking, I intend to use it. Just wanted to say hi! Thanks for this great app.


  • Welcome and thanks for posting. The forum isn’t super active lately, but I think that’s because everyone is busy using (and loving!) NS2. Consider posting a review in the appstore - that helps a bit when new users are looking for something like NS2.

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