Picture bug & autosave & midi fx record request

Nanostudio2 just crashed for the first time, while choosing/cropping a picture for a song - just lost 1 hour of work, not so cool .:( its on the ipad pro 2nd edition & ios 12.1.
So i really hope you’ll adress this problem, as its quite important: please let NS2 autosave the song every 3 minutes or so, autosave is already build in, just it would be better to have it all the time, not only when closing the app.

And the second request would be midi fx record. Midi fx is working good (notes are playing) but you cannot record what its playing. So it needs something like midi thru


  • Btw, the songfile is there, even the picture is saved, but all midi is gone and all tracks are on default

  • OUCH. I'm really sorry to hear this.

    Is your work-in-progress stuff still available via the auto save? If you go to Project -> Open, make sure the "INFO" icon is toggled on and tap your project, you should see autosave versions listed in the bottom of the center window. Hopefully one of them has your work in it.

    Was there anything special going on with the image itself that you can think of? Did you try to crop it a bunch of times? Did you get any messages while editing it? Which, if any, AUs did you have loaded? Was the moon visible in the sky at the time? Making stuff up here—hopefully so that @Blip Interactive has some info he can use to reproduce the problem (and, if so, fix it).

  • Hoping the autosave's have you covered. Either way, if you could post a link to an archive of your project (before and/or after the horror) along with details of your ipad model/OS/political leanings/etc... it would likely help Mr. Blip get to the bottom of it.

  • @FidL

    It would be very helpful if you can sent crash bug report.

    To do this, go to you'r iPad SETTINGS.

    Then to Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data

    Locate there "NanoStudio 2-{date here}" - with date approx same like moment when it crashed for you

    Then tap on this item, after it jumps inside (you should see lot of weirth stuff there :)) tap "share" icon in top right corner and send it via email to contact@blipinteractive.co.uk

    Thanks in advance ! It would be very helful for fixing this issue !

  • Hmm. Picture cropping. Crash. One of the only places in the app where I used someone else's library. :angry:

    I also hate crashes and lost work and know the frustration they cause so I'm very sorry to hear that. I've been meaning to look into regular autosaves so I'll add it to the list.

    I've also got recording of MIDI effects on the list (it's turning out to be a long list). I may need to start a new thread at some point to ask you guys how you think it should work. I won't start it now though until my mind's ready to take it in!

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