Entire pitch of song wrong after mixdown

I don't know what I have done wrong but after trying to mixdown my entire song, the pitch is way up compared to what the original is when played normally. What could possibly cause this? Thanks.


  • Actually it's not the pitch of the song but rather only the main theme track which is produced with quanta. I guess there is something wrong in the parameters there.

  • which mixdown frequency did you used ? Some AU plugins doesn't work good with 96khz

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    I did a regular wave 24 bit. Something's wrong with quanta. I need experiment on this.

    Edit: tried an ogg and it's still the same.

    Edit2: I tried to mixdown only the quanta track and there is definitely a pitch problem during mixdown. I will try different settings to see what could cause this.

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    bitrate doesn't affect pitch, it's sample rate which causes this kind (althouhg rare) of issues... Which sample rate did you use ?

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    I used 48. But it only affects quanta, weirdly enough.

    Edit: Ah, just tried 44.1 and it works. Damn if it doesn't work on 48 it's pretty lame lol. Anyway it's just for my first song in NS2 so it'll do. Thanks for your help.

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    try 44 .. that is sample
    rate used by NS during realtime playback

    i case it will
    be ok at 44 khz, i suggest tomreport this bug to Quanta developer ;)

    I used 48. But it only affects quanta, weirdly enough.

    Nothing weird with this, some AU plugins simply doesn't like anything else than 44kHz sample rate ;)

  • I will definitely report to Audio Damage.

  • Did you automate pitch bend?

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    No automation, no. It's the bitrate definitely. Weird stuff.

  • It's also mentioned in manual amongst other possible AU related issues


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