Small requests for Perform section of keyboard

A few requests for the Perform section of the keyboard:

  1. Knobs that go from -50 to 50 rather than just 0 to 100. These are needed to match knobs of this type (like Obsidian’s fine pitch knob, or its filter knob). The 0 to 100 type of knob only allows to either add or subtract, but not both, while a -50 to 50 allows you to either add or subtract.
  2. The ability to add 1 or 2 more xy pads, or 4 more knobs, in other words the ability to customize the cc message section.


  • 1/ just set default value of knob to -50
    and default value of macro knob to 50
    and you're there - many factory patches are made this way ;)

  • Derp. I was setting the default knob value wrong.

  • edited May 2019

    Other ideas for the xy pad:

    -snap tp zero (lift touch, values go back to zero)
    -bounce mode (controller continues to move after you lift touch, moves at speed you send it)

    And for the keyboard in general:

    -chord pads (set notes for each pad)

    I realize 3rd party midi fx probably got you covered for a lot of the performance functions, still would be nice to see as good an in house controller as you can get.

  • I’d like to see a Snap to Zero/orignal setting (toggle?) for the X/Y pad as well. I think it is on the list of things to look at. Have you noticed that the Macro knobs now have double tap to return to original parameter? I find this to be quite useful.

  • @boom said:
    -chord pads (set notes for each pad)

    Would love this to bits!

  • The knobs have default settings? Damn it...

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