Anybody know how to make these dnb fm basses in obs? Trying to follow tutorial but its confusing!

Just want to know if it can be done in obsdian?




  • Not that easy because Obsidian has a bit different architecture than Serum

    main differences :

    • no FM modulation between oscillators
    • unison is applied on whole voice, not per individual oscillator

    You can get close, though.

    • For FM modulation use FM oscillator.. you can modulate op2->op1 where (base on that tutorial) for OP2 you use saw and for op1 sine
    • Use flexible routing - you can send Osc1 after filter1/2 and filter it just with filter 3
    • if you switch filter 1-2 to "serial", you have basically 3 filter slots (1,2,3) where you can every slot use as filter or distortion... don't forget thst by default filter envelope is routed into filter 1,2 (and same with XY pad), so for examole if you want use filter 1 slot as distortion and filter 2 slot as lowpass filter, don't forget to delete filter envelope rounting into filter slots 1,2 and route it just to filter 2
    • use layering - if you cannot do something with single onsidian instance, use two instances in layer

    here is neuro-like dnb bass i made in obsidian:

  • oh wow thank you so much for explaining. You sir are a legend!

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