Automation controls and eq on iphone

I can’t find any part automation controls for knobs etc. I only see volume and pan even tho there’s definitely x/y pad automation I recorded using the pad itself. Just see this when I click the part editor

Also I heard there was a frequency analyzer in the NanoStudio 2 features list. Was it left out of the iPhone version for screen space reasons ?

Also NanoStudio 2 is amazing and I can’t sing it’s praises enough. Blown away


  • You’re looking at Track automation, which controls the mixer and insert effects. You need to open a part in edit mode and then tap the automation icon to view the Part automation.

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    frequency analyser on iPhone is just in "Stere Filter" insert FX. On iPad it is available also in EQ3B

    Like @Stiksi said, there is difference between track automation (it's for track insert effects) and clip
    automation (it's for instrument parameters - macro knobs, XY pad and few others)

    To add more automation lines to track automations, drop some bundled effects on track (other than EQ3B which is only one bundled FX without automation)

    AUfx automation is not possible yet, you can automate just AU instruments usimg macro knobs and XY pad in instrument's performance page.

    more about track automation vs. clip automation here :

  • You all are the best. Thanks. I couldn't figure that one out for some reason

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