EQ-3B midi control

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I've added some audio FX to a mixer channel for an Obsidian. I need to map a MIDI controller to the high frequency gain. But in the Setup tab of the channel, I can not see the EQ-3B as a routing target so it cannot learn the MIDI commands from my controller. Other insert FX are showing there. Is there any way to do this?

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    Unfortunately this was Matt's design decision.

    Reason was that EQ3B has a lot of parameters and if you put 2-3 instances on track, it would be a LOT of scrolling in automation editor. There wasn't much time for developing some smart smart solution for this problem.

    Of course this opens suggestions of UI tweaks - like add into automation editor switch "show only parameters with automtion recorded" or similiar ideas...

    But for now, it is like it is. If you need to automate/control using midi controller some band, use "Stereo Filter" plugin instead - it contains ALL modes from EQ3B (and more) and it is possible to automate it (eg. also control using midi mapping)

  • @dendy
    Actually that's perfect, the stereo filter does what I need and as you say can be midi mapped. The explanation for why the EQ device cannot be automated this way is reasonable and was the best decision at the time I'm sure. Though it would be nice to be able to collapse it so as you suggest it only shows you the ones which are actually mapped/recorded.

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