Hi everyone let me introduce myself,my name is Chance,I have have been messing around with electronic music for a long time ,been making muSic on iOS since 2010 With beat maker and NanoStudio even back then I knew mobile production could/would be the future. This is a something I made as soundtrack


  • And....new to posting here. This is nanostudio,quanta,Kauldron,tone booster apps,kosmonaubark filter on the master

  • @ChanceB welcome Chance, what a amazing soundtrack that is. I’m sci-fi guy and I could imagine that would go well with some space footage;) to that “making music on iOS since 2010” reminds me myself, I even got laughed at when I said people will soon use iPad/iPhones solely to make music on and look at us now:DDD
    Great work, keep them coming;)

  • what @Cray23 said ! I want to see that movie with this sountrack :-) Great job ! :+1::+1::+1:

  • Thanks for listening,I’ve been trying to make some more ambient type of stuff instead of the usual beat driven songs I usually make.will share more stuff soon if I can actually get something finished.

  • Cool track!

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