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Hi folks ,I’m new here and I got another track for y’all. ,this is a work in progress. I have a tendency to get hung up on a part and struggle with a complete composition


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    i would put snare a bit quieter (probably 2-3 dB) and kick too (not that much like snare), and i would bass a little bit louder and eventually sidechain it a tiny bit with kick - and it would be completed ! Nice tune !

  • Thanks for listening and the pointers, It definitely needs a little work in the mix, unfortunately I don’t have monitors so I mix with Four different sets of headphones then play in the cars trying to get the best sound across all sound sources

  • Thanks for listening and for the tips will give that a try. Unfortunately I don’t have monitors for an accurate mix so it’s kind of hrs to know how’s it’s going sound when someone else listens

  • I agree with dendy suggestions. Good song but could be better. There’s no reason to use 4 different sets of headphones all you need is one good one. My suggestion would be is to spice up your song by using different melodies. I hear way to many songs on the Internet that are too repetitious. When I write a song and if there’s two melodies one right after the other one melody might be totally different from the other.

  • Definitely agree you guys,I have about 20 songs I’m working on at all times,most never get finished,but I feel this has some potential,guess that’s why I shared it ,for some constructive criticism. But I do feel it’s missing something but I feel that way about all my music. as to the headphone thing,I actually have a decent pair of master and dynamic headphones I use(not flat but better than my others) just not convenient to work with on the go or at work which I end up using somewireless earbuds or Apple EarPods.thanks for listening

  • Cool track. I’d like to see how this develops

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