Obsidian DnB Patches

I’m new to this forum and to NS2 (although I’ve been producing music for many years). I’ve been making some synth patches to familiarise myself with Obsidian and thought I’d share them in the hope that they’re useful to someone else.

They can be downloaded on Dropbox here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wqpny94ijrq3p79/AAAHCr7aVE-7bsgBwxYOonMWa?dl=0.

They’re pretty much all DnB bass patches from various era’s / styles. They generally have a few parameters assigned to knob 1 + 2 for automation.

Hello to the community - from Matt’s interview on Jakob Haq’s channel, it sounds like you’re a nice bunch!


  • Welcome! Sharing patches already, you’ll definitely fit right in 😀

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    welcome ! Thanks for sharing, will check them definitely .. btw. we have also sharing space on patchstorage, there is not much patches yet but would be nice if you add your creations to the list ;-)


  • Thanks @Stiksi and @dendy. I’ll add my patches to Patch storage later today.

    I’ll have to check out some of the other sounds you’ve created there as well - I’m interested to see how you used the bitcrushing and overdrive!

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    Btw. there are resee/neuro-like presets in factory, check reese 1-4 and neuro 1-5 presets ;-)

  • Thanks @dendy, I’d seen them but not deconstructed how they were put together yet.

    Added those patches to Patchstorage now so I’ll be sure to share from there in future!

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