BeatNano Script - Converts BM2 to NS2 Slate kits (for Kit Maker Maschine library)

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A very good friend made me a script which converts the Kit Maker ( Maschine library for BeatMaker to NanoStudio 2 Slate format and keeps the correct pad order!

Download the BeatNano script here -

I've made a short tutorial video for anyone not familiar with Python and using Terminal etc, and how to copy over the library using the WebDAV in NanoStudio. You can also see how smooth browsing the kits in Slate is towards the end. I made this on macOS, but the process is basically the same on Windows.


  1. Download and install Python 3 -
  2. Duplicate BeatMaker 2 kits folder to another location
  3. Copy “” and “Package.slt” files to the duplicate folder
  4. Open Terminal - type “cd “ and drag the duplicate folder to terminal, press enter
  5. Run script with “python3”
  6. Copy all library folders to “Instruments/Slate/User” folder using the WebDav in Nanostudio 2 settings, or Airdrop to Files app.



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    Cool thanks for sharing, going to link this threat into main Tips&Tricks thread !

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    I am one of the Kit Maker devs. Thanks for posting that! We want to add NS2 support to our app itself at some point but this is a good workaround for now.
    We made the app in our spare time outside of our jobs so we cant promise anything or have a timeline but definitely have this on our radar!

    Heres our app overview for those that aren't familiar

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