How can you adjust Slate drum pad to only produce sound when held?

In the first Nanostudio DAW, there was a drum pad setting that allowed you to change from "trigger" (where the sample played (sustained) to the end of the sample even after the pad was not pressed) to "hold" (where the sample ONLY played when the pad was pressed) to "loop" (where the sample played in a loop during the time pad was held). What I'm concerned with is the "hold" setting. Is there a way to do this in Nanostudio2? I'd like the basic ability to stop the sample from playing when the pad is not held down (or when the midi note ends in the grid mode).

For instance: I'd like to hit a crash cymbal and suddenly have it go completely silent exactly at the end of one measure. In the first Nanostudio, I'd simply change the crash cymbal pad setting from "trigger" to "hold" and then draw the crash cymbal midi note in the grid for one measure (or two, or whatever duration I wanted).

I'm thrilled that Nanostudio2 is now on my iPhone, and I'm trying to learn how to recapture the joy of the first Nanostudio. Without the ability to stop samples from playing when not held, my joy will be greatly diminished.


  • Yes, this:

  • Thank you very much!

  • sustain plays until pad is pressed OR until sample ends

    third mode is "suistain+loop" - this plays samole until pad is pressed AND loops whole sample OR susitain loop if it is defined (you can define sustain loop i NS audio editor)

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