I have installed nano 2 on my shiny new iPhone 11 pro but I am getting bad latency. I’ve changed the audio buffer to very low but this seems to make no significant difference. If for example I create a drum part using the 808. When I hit the bass drum it sounds after my finger has taped the pad by I am guessing very roughly about 1/3 second. I used to use NanoStudio a lot on my iPhone 5 and did not have this problem then.


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    any chance you use bluetooth headphones ? Because BT headphones have such big latency, it's HW limitation of bluetooth, it's same for all apps...

  • Thanks dendy. Yes - I was using Apple air pods. Just tried just using the phone’s inbuilt speakers and there is no longer any detectable latency when recording! Looks like I’ll have to find my old wired headphones! Apple don’t mention that limitation in their cool AirPods adverts! Thanks again, much appreciated, Nigel

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