Faster piano-roll workflow

Next one from me, this time piano roll.
Sorry to bit a bit harsh but I think if what I ask for could be implemented - even as an option - could really benefit the apps popularity.
The problem is, I cannot use it in the form it is now, which is a great shame as NS2 really looks like a very comprehensive app with a lot of work and love invested in it.

I would absolutely love to see a piano roll where I can create, move, resize and delete notes with just one finger. We already know it is perfectly possible, examples are:

  • FL Studio
  • Gadget
  • Fugue Machine
  • Xequence 2

and probably many others

The way it is working now where I have to distract myself choosing different icons to do such simple things like moving notes around is completely pointless and anticlimactic.

Piano roll editing should be as intuitive and quick as possible - for right handed person, I should be able to stop - move transport to beginning of the clip and play with just my left thumb somewhere on the left bottom part of screen while manipulating notes with my right hand.

Almost every one into music agrees that FL style piano roll is the best on the market - I've seen it numerous times, even from Ableton Live users - and I think there is really no reason to reinvent the wheel.

As a small addition, I completely don't understand the default zoom level of a newly created clip - first thing I have to do after creating it and going to edit mode is to zoom in.


  • Doesn't answer all your question but at least moving is possible also without handle icons with just one finger - standard drag'n'drop .. just press and hold note or note selection selection and then move it .. drag'n'drop works for notes and also for clips in sequencer view ...

  • yep, but not when in the draw mode... and my point is - these modes are really not necessary as everything can be done more efficient.

  • If you’re just starting out take your time. NS2 way becomes second nature very quickly. I can create a whole song without ever stopping playback. None of the other iOS apps let me do that.

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    I’ve done a ton of editing in almost every iOS piano roll. Except for NS2 and Xequence, they are all an exercise in frustration. It’s just too difficult for me to hit the right place on the note to grab an end to lengthen it, press it long enough to grab it, move it the right distance, etc.

    Different preferences for different people I guess. But for my part I hope it always keeps the current mechanism.

  • I think it's partly because Nanostudio started life on the phone: on a very small screen there is no piano roll that is better than Nanostudio.

    On the bigger screen of the iPad it could be argued that Gadget for example is a little more streamlined, however I really don't think there's much in it, it's simply a case of getting used to the NS2 way of doing things. Personally I find the piano roll a joy to work in.

  • Nano has the best piano roll operation thus far period it’s a joy I even went back to make a beat in Logic Pro X last week I really hated the piano roll... I go so frustrated I exported the loops I had airdropped them to Nano and finished the beat

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